College of Education & Humanities

The College of Education and Humanities and Education comprises of three departments. They are the (a) Education Department, (b) Theology and Religious Studies Department, and (c) General College Requirement Course Department.

1. Department of Education

The dean of the college, Dr. Adventor Mulbah Trye, Jr is the chairperson for the Department of Education. He works along with the following instructors to offer quality primary and secondary education.—Mr. Wilfred Dahn, Mr. Emmanuel Cooper, Mr. Melvin Dolo, Mrs. Martha Gbelema, Mr. Alvin Bailey, Mr. Emmanuel F. Zayzay, Mrs. Theresa Sheriff, Mr. Samart Nwosu and Mr. Kema Kpaka.

Degrees Offered by the Department
<1. BEd Primary Education
2. Bed Secondary Education
3. BEd Accounting Major
4. BEd Management Major
5. BEd Public Administration Major
6. BEd Religion Major
7. BEd English Major
8. BEd Biology Major
9. BEd Public Health Major

Our Mission

Preparing students for professional career discipline either in teaching or any other career choice based on chosen concentration. Students will experience first-hand exposure to the best teaching practices. Theory and practice of faith and learning will be integrated in the classroom, thus improving faculty performance and promoting high moral and ethical standards in the society at large.

Philosophy of the Department

The philosophy of the department of education is in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education that emphasizes the harmonious development of the physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual potentials of the students. The department of education is committed to providing students with a broad-base professional [Adventist] Christian education that is relevant and functional in order to integrate moral values capable of restoring and redeeming humanity back to God.

The Goal and Objectives

  1. Support, develop, and contribute to society by operating professional teacher education courses that prepare skilled Christian teachers in the workplace.
  2. Provide teacher education with a recognised qualification for entry into the any profession and fields of specialty in Liberia and beyond.
  3. Foster an appropriate balance between personal and professional growth through the application of Christian ethical principles and values within the teacher education program.

Contact Details

Dean of Education & Humanities
Phone Number: +231 880538190
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