Chaplaincy Unit


The chaplaincy services are available to help you with any spiritual, intellectual and material support for daily spiritual emphasis through a Christ-centered ministry to persons, families and groups on and off campus.  Adventist University of West Africa chaplaincy is a selfless ministry patterned after the incarnation model of Christ which seeks to reach and touch the lives of people in their unique circumstances in order to inspire denominational and non-denominational students and staff on and off campus with the challenge to integrate academic excellence with a commitment to Jesus Christ.

How Does the Adventist University of West African Chaplaincy Affect You?

The chaplains in AUWA can reach and touch you individually and collectively by offering:
• Spiritual support through sustained intercessory prayers.
• Counseling on personal, spiritual, psychological, emotional, behavioral, relational (social), intellectual (academic) challenges.
• Opportunities for spiritual self-discovery through one-on-one Bible studies.
• Assistance in organizing worship/spiritual activities.
• Faith-building visitations in homes, hostels and hospitals.
• Evangelistic programs in collaboration with the pastoral and University administration.
• Encouraging student/staff enthusiastic involvement in several ministries on campus.
• Healing, deliverance and anointing services to needy or affected persons.
• Daily or weekly devotional programs for students and staff.
• Twice a month fasting and prayer service for the University family and beyond.
• Scheduled family life/marriage enrichment programs and singles forum organized to enhance a glorious marital/unmarried status.
• Regular inspirational messages “Thought for the Week” on public notice boards.
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