Admission Requirement


Admission into the university is highly competitive.  At the undergraduate level, students are admitted through the following models:

  1. Regular
  2. Transfer
  3. Post-basic

Regular: applicants compete through the Adventist University of West Africa Admission Test (AUWA AT). Transfer: Transfer credits are acceptable at grades A and B in courses equivalent in breadth and scope in the course synopsis from recognized higher institution of learning, and align with the courses offered in areas of specialization at AUWA. Confidential transcripts are required directly from the records office of the institution. No student shall be denied admission to the University for Reasons of sex, nationality, religious belief, physical condition, or political affiliation.


Students desiring admission at AUWA shall: be from the ages of 16 and above. However, the Nursing Program shall admit students from 18 to 55 years.  Students MUST Pass the screening test administered by the university; pass and present the WAEC/ WASSCE or its equivalent ; present his/her high school diploma and transcript; present two letters of recommendation;  student submit a medical or health certificate from a recognized hospital or clinic; sit an interview after passing the entrance examinations. Every applicant for admission shall undergo a thorough health examination. No person shall be admitted to this university who is found by the University Health Service to be suffering from a dangerous, communicable, contagious, or infectious disease or who is physically unfit to take courses in any college of the university. Every student shall, upon admission, sign a pledge. Refusal to take this pledge or violation of its terms shall be sufficient cause for summary dismissal or denial of admission.

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